GPS Odometer Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Top 5 Best Cycling Apps

CHECK OUT RIZKNOWS DEALS ↓↓↓↓ My review of the top five best cycling applications for iOS and Android. In this video I ...

GPS Speedometer & Odometer Android App, Road Speed test

This is the Best Android GPS Speedometer & Odometer App. It is Highly accurate and with Best Performance. Use it on Road trip calculate average speed, total ...

MyLog Mileage Logbook Expenses Android App Demo & Review - Best Mileage Log App

I have found this to be the simplest most effective app for logging my mileage for tax purposes. Get MyLog on Google Play here: ...

Gps Speedo New App download

since I do not have a speddo or Rpm gauge I downloaded a new Gps speedo to my new phone, this is only temp until i can get a regular speedo.

Bluetooth OBD II Tutorial [ELM327] DashCommand App

Tutorial how to set ELM327 OBDII on your car Available in 720p HD You can buy Super Mini ELM327 on Ebay:

DigiHUD Android App - Get HUD on your Car in 5 seconds!

Here's a quick review of the DigiHUD app, which I thought would be cool to show you while I was stuck in traffic. (Please don't try this while driving unless you ...

Polaris Navigation GPS - Convert your phone into a powerful GPS - Android app demo video Hidden discounts at TomTom. Please contact me if you want iPhone, iPad, Android app demo video like @ bharathptl[at]gmail[dot]com.

5 Minute Android Speedometer

Build a simple speedometer in 5 minutes. Yes, I know the video is 12 minutes, but I talk a lot.

Speedometer and Odometer car tutorial.

Speedometer and Odometer car tutorial. This time the video is made in the car. Link of the app is given below.


YouTube: Twitter: I had to make a unscheduled trip to Florida and my speedometer had just ...

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